What I learned after developing my website with Notion API

developmentDec 5, 21
Recently I developed my website with Notion API. This article tells what I learned, including the Notion file link issue.

How can I make sticky position work in a nested div?

developmentDec 2, 21
When I work on using a sticky position, there are a few cases in which I am confused. So through this article, I will tell you a few instances that you should tackle when a sticky position does not work.

The fundamental of Javascript

tipsNov 9, 21
When I develop with Javascript, I have a few things that are not certain. For my reference, I organize them here.

The future of work by Microsoft

techNov 3, 21
Microsoft revealed how the future of work looks like. I think that they are focusing on making a real 3D avatar in order to make the remote work environment real.

How can I change the modal transition of a presented view controller?

developmentAug 14, 21
In iOS, the default transition between presenting view controller and presented view controller is. CoverVertical. But sometimes, you might want to change it to a different animation style.